Friday, 9 August 2013

Green thumbs

We have been busy little beavers getting our garden ready for spring. We have been weeding and turning over the soil ready to plant our new vegetables and flowers next week.


Brennan said...

We went to the garden today to pull the weeds out.It was nice and hot and a bit messy.How many times have you worked in the garden?

Vikki said...

At the garden I helped the others to clean up the garden.It was nice but hard work.Will somebody please come and help me?

Anonymous said...

Your garden looks great Edgewater! We have planted a garden too....we planted - beans, cauliflower, spring onions, parsley and strawberries.
What is in your garden?
From Room 11, Sylvia Park School

D Ryan said...

wow you are such great gardeners.
Cant wait to come for lunch one day and try some of your freshly grown vegetables. Donna