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Sommerville Front page news.

All the students have been writing stories to create a front page of the news paper.


Vikki said…
I write my story about the play station game, The game call the last of us. I like my story on the last of us. My favourite character is Ally, She is 16.
Bradley said…
I think we might have made the newspaper an inch more groovier. Especially when the heading and adverts are very colorful!

If you look closely enough, you could see the story on the break-dancing fly; That was the story I have written about.
Allan said…
I really enjoyed writing out the Sommerville post.I wrote about the car crash it happened on Wednesday the 21st.Some people went to the hospital, but they were all fine the next day.
Natasha said…
I wrote a story about the new bus library to put on our Sommerville front news page. Our news paper is going be awesome.
Tim said…
The Sommerville Post is pretty cool.I hope that it will be a popular paper.
Samantha said…
On Tuesday I wrote the newspaper story about the fact that I went to Rachels Birthday party.It was huge fun,because she had a live band called One Direction.
Kaimoana said…
On Tuesday we wrote our newspaper. I made the Sommerville post heading.
I enjoyed making it.
Max said…
I drew a picture of a fly break
dancing for Bradley.
The fly looked very happy.
elly suur said…
What a great looking front page of the Sommerville Post.
You have fantastic artists in your class.

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