Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Team Work

Here is Brennan in front of the extreme screen presenting our film to over 450 students from the Manaiakalni community. Well done Brennan.


Jamie said...

I loved your movie and you guys worked together as a team really well. It looks like a great activity to help with working together.
From Jamie (Stonefields School)

Michelle Victoria said...

Hi Sommerville Special School,

I have seen your video at the Manaiakalani film festival you found a way to make a video look awesome and you showed us many ways of working together, Great job!

From Michelle (From Stonefields School too)

Caleb said...

I really like your movie about working together especially when you were a train. Good idea about teaching others how to work together. From Caleb @ stonefields school. B-)

puke said...

I really like the way that you guys can work collaboratively and try to not make the balloon pop it is a great movie for your school
Great Job

Junior said...

hey guys i like your video for the film festival

Tai said...

I like your movie and I enjoyed it your class is a teamwork class

Finn said...


That was a great way of using teamwork and was a very creative way of collaborating

Fiona Grant said...

Nice Teamwork, EWC2!
Liked the use of the filters. Looked very effective on the screen. You all looked like you were having fun learning too.

Also well done to Brennan for introducing your movie on the day.

See you soon,

robyn said...

Great team work all of you :)