Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Swimming free


Natasha said...

Hi Community Education Class.
What great swimming you are doing.
I like the part where you were all swimming together. What swimming pool did you go to?

Caro said...

Hi everyone,

Your swimming video is awesome! You look like you're having so much fun and all swimming really well.

Caroline 😊

Bradley said...

Hi there.

It looked like you guys were doing a great job with filming the video underwater! I have one question. Was Nathan filming the entire video, or did your class take turns filming with the camera? Because it looked like Nathan was having lots of fun with the camera.

Nick said...

Wow you people look fantastic in the water and I hope you guys will stay fit and heathly also I hope you guys will do extreamley well in the swimming pool From Nicholas Leggat

Timothy said...

i like the swimming and cricket. it was fun love Samantha.

Timothy said...

i like swimming with you it is fun at swimming . love samantha