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Freedom to travel - The Manaiakalani Film Festival 2015

Manaiakalani Film Festival

The Community Class at Sommerville Special School thought it would be awesome to take everyone on one of the trip we go on. We used a go pro to film it. Everyone had a turn at wearing the head or check harness. Please let us know what you thing or ask any questions you may have. Thanks for watching!


Nick said…
Hi people what a great film festival I am so proud of you all
Huriata said…
Hello, I'm Huriata from Tamaki Primary school, and I really like this video (Like most) and it was really cool, sometimes I even wish I could come.
Tim said…
thankyou Community Education Class.I liked your movie. lt was awesome. thak you
Daniel said…
Hi community class , I liked your movie. It was great. THANK YOU
Nicola Hardy said…
Kia Ora to the Community Class at Sommerville School.

What a fantastic movie and such a great idea to catch the train to Britomart. How did you feel on the train? What did you think of the Britomart Train station? What else did you see in town?
It was a great movie and looked like a lot of fun.
From Nicola
D Ryan said…
Super movie everyone. I will have to come and learn from you all how to make a movie and how to use the Go pro camera.

Finn said…
This is the new electric train and it's going to Britomart and I love this movie.
Keenen said…
What a fantastic film movie you made. It makes me laugh.
Joseph said…
Hi Joseph from Sommerville.
This was my favourite movie.
I enjoyed it
William said…
Kia Ora Community Education Class, what a fantastic movie. I wish I could go to the place that you went. Did you have fun?
Marciano said…
Ni Hao Community Education Class, I like the way that you travel on the train to Britomart. Did you have time to go to the shop and buy something you liked?
Lawrence said…
Hello everybody, I loved to see you all using bus and train services. Ir will be of great help in the future. My Tika class is also practicing bus and train rides.
Keenan said…
I enjoyed watching the train ride.

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