Thursday, 7 April 2016

Te Hapori Open Evening

To the Parents, families, and caregivers

Thank you so much for the fantastic turnout last night for the first “Te Hapori Open Evening”. It was so inspiring to see the amount of siblings and grandparents who attended to make the evening such a great success.  It was truly humbling to hear such kind words spoken about all the teachers and teacher aides involved with all the young people. Thank you to those who purchased Mosaic’s, Sun Catchers, Button Art, Sausages, and raffle tickets. We hope they bring you as much joy and happiness and they did when we made them. Congratulations to Kerry for having the winning ticket for the Smartphone.
I would also personally like to thank my staff for all their hard work in making the evening run so smoothly and making the displays and building look beautiful.

I am looking forward to next term and our next Open evening being even bigger and better.


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Aidan said...

Wow you guys have the best time.