Wednesday, 8 November 2017

2017 Maniakalani Film Festival - Riverside Sports Club Futsal

We proudly present our entry for the 2017 Maniakalani Film Festival.

Riverside Sports Club Futsal


Sami said...
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mya said...

Kia Ora Sommerville Special School
Wow! A really epic and cool adventure to go on. Playing soccer is a really energetic game you must really have a lot of energy. I loved it when everyone joined in. My question is were you tired? Well done keep up the work!

Sami said...

Kia Ora,
I couldn't be more amazed than I am now. Your movie had wonderful ideas. I was interested by the title and the rest of the movie. I couldn't make a movie like this. Actually I can't even come up with the idea. How did you guys make this movie?

Ethan said...

hello I like your movie about how you play soccer

Bye Ethan Edgewater collage

Anonymous said...

Fantastic movie, is the music suitable? maybe add some commentary to the video.

Andrew Chong said...

Hello all the teachers at Te Hapori Highland Park-Sommerville Community Links,
I liked your Riverside Sports Club Futsal video. I'm glad that the big students are able to play soccer there.
From Andrew