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Turning our garden beautiful

We have put hours of sweat and hard work in to our garden. We have turned it from a jungle in to a beautiful fertile garden. We have 4 planter boxes that grow; bulbs, flowers, vegetables, and pumpkins.


Roxie said…
Wow! Fantastic job everyone. I hope you know how amazing you all are. You've all put in a lot of work. I really hope all the veges you plant flourish and feed a lot of people =) Keep up the hard work =)
Caroline Ryan said…
Talofa from Samoa!! You have all done such a fabulous job with your garden. Here in Samoa we love gardens but I actually think your vegetable patch looks much nicer than mine. Great work everyone. I can't wait to see more photos!!
Lionel said…
Thank you so much Caroline, the students have been working so hard and really appreciate your kind words.
P.S. your cup cakes look amazing!
Lionel said…
Thanks Roxie, the students love the feed back! Kia Ora
Fiona Grant said…
Looking at the pictures of your garden before you started and comparing them to your garden now, the difference is amazing. The garden looks very organised and I am sure you are enjoying the yummy produce. Well done.

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